Mid-week Assignment

  • Have a basic resume prepared for Hour#3. You can use the form on the back on the job interview question list or make your own.

Hour#3 - Mock Job Interviews

  • We will record 15 minute practice job interviews. Prepare you basic resume and three questions from the Megalist of Job Interview Questions you would like your interviewers to ask you. The interviewers will ask you these and other questions. People who are absent are required to record a 10-minute mock interview at home. Posted Example: Grace
  • Watch the recording of your mock interview. Upload the video to your Google Drive and share it with your professor. On your blog, post a reflection on the experience along with any specific learning points (e.g. I said X, but should have say Y. or How can I better express this phrase?)


  • Look over job interview questions, add your own to the Megalist (if desired)
  • Prepare a basic resume for next week

Week#9/10 - Intensive Shadow Speaking
 Blog about Shadow Speaking practice method. Which strategies (if any) were useful? Either link to uploads of your before and after recordings or email them to Jeff ( or Denis ( . To upload them, useGoogle Drive or

We will be using a Flipped Classroom approach during the second half of the semester.
Background information about a Flipped Classroom approach.
Download Ted Talk App: Android Apple
Watch Salmon Khan's Let's use video to reinvent education
and if you like the KBS Flipped Classroom Documentary.
(optional: blog about your thoughts on this video and the Flipped Classroom approach)

Week#7 Midterm Prep (Lebow)

 Quizlet Study
Each student should have a Quizlet set with at least 30 words learned this semester (in Eng250 or other courses and learning experiences).  This set should be added to the ENG250 Quizlet class. Students should complete at least three Quizlet activities (e.g. flashcards, scatter, learn, spelling). 

Blog post about your SHELF Project Interests and Thoughts
(Due 24 hours before Part#2)Create a blog post about your thoughts and interests for SHELF (Second Half English Learning Fun)  projects. This is not a final commitment, just preliminary ideas. 

Week#4 Assignments

  • (optional) Analyze your speed dating recordings - post questions, refined answers
  • (optional) Post about the topic you discussed during the in-class Topic Brainstorm and post related media
  • (optional) participate in a Student led Hangout (more details coming soon) Hangout Preference Survey
  • Comment on a least a couple of your classmates' blogs
  • Update your personal Quizlet with any new vocabulary from this week. No need to create a new set - just add words to your existing one.

Week#3 Assignments

1) To help document your learning and share it with you classmates by creating your own Quizlet set.  Add words from in-class activities, materials you posted on your blog, and/or any other sources of language learning this semester.  Watch the screencast below to see how to create the set, add it to the ENG250 Quizlet class, and edit it later.  You can do this with a computer or mobile device.
Creating your own Quizlet Set for ENG250

2)   Watch AND Speak at least one of the gender-related English Central videos below. This can be done on a computer or mobile device (apps: Android  Iphone )
Everyone who has completed the Entrance Questionnaire should have an invitation in the Gmail to join the ENG250 EC Class as a premium member.  If you experience any difficulty or technical issue, check out the English Central Guide.


Week#2 Assignments
  • Complete ALL of the Week#1 assignments if you have not already done so.
    MAKE SURE TO COMPLETE the ENG250 Entrance Questionnaire if you haven't already done so. Include your gmail address and Blog URL.
  • Post a YouTube video to your blog that you think is interesting and provides an opportunity for language learning. (How-to Guide Here)
  • a Short Description 
  • Why you find it interesting
  • Language learning points
  • Related Resources (optional)
  • Discussion Questions (optional)

Week# 1 Assignments
Register for a Gmail account if you don't already have one.
Create a Blogger BlogBlogger Guide here and Screencast here
Register at Quizlet (You can use your Google account to sign up easily - please use a recognizable name as your ID)
 and join the ENG250 Quizlet Class
the ENG250 Class Band  (ENG250 participants only)  and your class Band
ENG250-02    ENG250-03    ENG250-04    ENG250-05    
  Website:   Apps Android   Apple
  Apps:  Android   Apple
Other Apps to install:
Google Hangout
Google Translate
Post a 1~5 minute introduction video to the course BAND