Audiovisual English 
Spring 2015

I. Description:
ENG250 is an advanced language skills course that utilizes a variety of audiovisual media to develop all aspects of students’ English abilities. Students will experiment with using audio and video materials in ways that are designed to improve their language skills during this course and help prepare them for communication challenges they are likely to face in the 'real world' once this course is over.

II. Course textbook/resources
There is no textbook for this course.  Materials will be posted on the course website at http://videobridges.net/.  Handouts will sometimes be provided by the instructor.  Other times, students will be expected to print out materials before class.  Students will be required to create their own blog and  will sometimes be required to post reflections and other assignments there.   We will use a Google Document for our Group Notes, Quizlet Flashcards for studying purposes, and Google+ Hangouts for virtual office hours and special class activities.

III. Instruction Methods:
The first several weeks of this course will involve modeling different ways that audiovisual material can be used for language learning. These methods will include scene study and role play, small group discussions of videos and podcasts, analysis of dialogues and lyrics, and  reviews of popular media.  By week#5, students will start applying these methods to media that interests them and post those on their blogs.  We will then include those student generated materials class activities.  
IV. Grading
Students will be assessed according to the following criteria
40% Attendance & Participation
30% Assignments & Student Portfolio
10% Mid-Term
20% Final Exam
Grades will be distributed based on the required university quotas:  25% A’s, 45% B’s,  30% C’s
The midterm exam will be a one-on-one conversation with the instructor. The final exam will involve producing a media project.   Assignments and student portfolios are intended to document learning.  Whatever media students consume, they should blog about it, sharing their language learning and reflections.

If you are absent
 a)  please check the course website for information about any assignments you are still expected to complete
 b) and you think it should be excused… show me official documentation in class AND send an email to the instructor explaining your absence (if you think it should be excused)

Instructor Notes

Please make every effort to arrive on time. Those arriving more than five minutes late will be marked tardy. Students who start ‘packing up’ before class has been dismissed will also be marked tardy! Those more than 20 minutes late will be marked absent for that hour.  Please do not engage in off-task phone usage. Feel free to speak with me (in person or via email) any time you have questions or concerns about this course.