Sunday, May 31, 2015

Week#14 - Speaker's Corner and Final Prep

ENG250 Spring 2015 - Heading into the Homestretch

SHELF Projects
Value: 20 points
finish-line.gif Minimum of two (but quality and quantity count)

  • Are you learning and/or practicing English in a meaningful way?
    Are you pushing yourself?  Stretching your skills?
  • Each SHELF project should have a post on each participant’s blog. This should include related materials AND Reflection/language learning points  (does not necessarily need to include recorded media).
  • Effort - how much time and energy you spend (don’t be shy about documenting your effort)
  • Fun, interesting, engaging, creative, experimental

Final Exam Quadrathalon   All work due by Thursday, June 18

Part#1 - at least one Dubsmash
Android   Itunes
(posted to your blog or shared on the class Band)
Note: For some reason, Band often cuts short Dubsmash videos. If that is the case, please post it to your blog or post to your Google Drive and share the link in the Band. -----------------------------------------

Part#2 - Shadow Reading Audio or Video (How to do a Shadow Reading)
Choose from selected scenes (not one you’ve done before) or choose your own (at least one minute) and send (or post) a before and after recording.
From English Central
TV/Movie Scenes
Video links and transcripts -----------------------------------------

Part#3 - Update your Quizlet with at least 20 additional words from the second half of the semester (class discussions, Shadow readings, and/or SHELF projects). Study, take a Quizlet test (computer required). ----------------------------------------- Part#4  Participate in a Hangout-on-air Segment (Lebow's classes only)
            Job Interview with Jeff (in person or via Hangout, resume required)

            Panel Discussion (2-4 people - discussion NOT presentation) and

Feel free to choose more than one option. Whichever you choose, you’ll need to watch the recording and post an analysis/reflection on your blog.  We will schedule Part#4 during Hour#3 this week.

Lebow's Make-up Week Schedule. (Final prep, attendance optional) All times open to all students

Monday, June 8:  11am~1pm Virtual Office Hours (Jeff will be available via Hangout)
Tuesday, June 9: 10am~11am D204
Wednesday, June 10: Virtual Office Hours noon~2pm
Thursday, June 11: noon~2pm (location: TBD)          

Speaker’s Corner (You Are Here Style)
How has Korea changed (in the last five or ten years)?

What are the biggest Misconceptions about Korea?

Who are your heroes?

What do you think of plastic surgery?
Do you think it’s too common?
Why do you think it’s so common in Korea?

What are the benefits and challenges of cross-cultural dating?
Would you be open to dating someone from a different culture or prefer to date someone from your culture?

What do you think of Korean Education?

What’s your dream job?