Monday, May 18, 2015

Week#12 - Job Interview Practice

Job Interview Practice
Hours #1 & #2

  • Go over the list of interview questions.  Number them as you go.
    Choose (check) at least five that you’d like to practice.
  • Write down any additional questions you’d like to answer.
  • Briefly think about how you will answer them.
  • In groups of three or four, take turns choosing a question to practice.  Discuss how you might answer it. Each of you then answer it in 90 seconds or less. Partners can ask follow-up questions (e.g. Can you give us an example?, Why do you think so? What do you mean by….?).
  • Record your answers on your phone.


  • Be prepared with examples for anything you say about your character and experiences.
    STAR: Situation, Task, Action, Result
  • Speak slowly and clearly to avoid ums and other hesitation words.
  • Have personality. Be likable and remember you’re speaking to a person.  Make eye contact
  • Don’t ramble.  If you’re not sure what else to say, finish your sentence or story.
  • When in doubt...Smile, Pause, & Think, but don’t suffer in silence too long. If you're not sure you understand a question, try rephrasing it... "Are you asking....?". If you definitely don't understand a question, ask for what the unknown word means or ask them to rephrase the question.

Mid-week Assignment

  • Have a basic resume prepared for Hour#3. You can use the form on the back on the job interview question list or make your own.
Hour#3 - Mock Job Interviews
  • We will record 15 minute practice job interviews. Prepare you basic resume and three questions from the Megalist of Job Interview Questions you would like your interviewers to ask you. The interviewers will ask you these and other questions. People who are absent are required to record a 10-minute mock interview at home. Posted Example: Grace
  • Watch the recording of your mock interview. Upload the video to your Google Drive and share it with your professor. On your blog, post a reflection on the experience along with any specific learning points (e.g. I said X, but should have say Y. or How can I better express this phrase?)

Job Interview Playlist:

Specific Recommendations
  5 Tips to Ace an Interview
  Behavior Based Questions
  Why Should We Hire You?