Saturday, April 11, 2015

Week#6 - Intensive Listening, General Comprehension, Discussion, & Hangout Practice

From PBS Newhour
France votes to ban ultra-thin models in eating disorder crackdown

Transcript at:
If you like this kind of material, add PBS Newshour to your Feedly podcast section.

Which words don't you recognize? Which segments don’t you understand?     
Speculate about any portions you’re not sure about.


What are the main points of the video?  What are the details of what’s being discussed?

What are some discussion questions you might ask related to this topic?
(body image, dieting, eating disorders, media’s effect on self-esteem, cultural and gender difference regarding pressure to be ‘thin’, what should and shouldn’t be legislated,  etc.)

Hangout Practice   
Hangout Guide here
Story Topics discussed in class:

  • A great (or terrible) travel experience
  • The best/worst date of your life
  • A memorable dream you’ve had
  • Your hero, role model, or person you most admire
  • Your favorite (or least favorite) teacher
  • An experience that changed your life
  • Your ideal life 20 years from now

If you'd like to practice Hanging out with your classmates, here's where you can find them on Google+