Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Week#9/10: Intensive Shadow Speaking & SHELF (Round#1)

Intensive Shadow Speaking Practice
Video links and transcripts     Media Downloads
Watch your practice video.  Without practicing, read and record yourself speaking the text.
Then use different techniques to practice and improve the way you read that text.
  • First watch the video and read the transcript. Before you start practicing, record yourself reading the transcript on your phone.  
  • Then watch the video again, listening carefully  and taking notes on the transcripts about pauses, changes in pitch, and other speech patterns. 
  • Listen and repeat sentence by sentence. 
  • Shadow read - say it out loud as you listen.  
  • Record again, listen to your recording, and circle the words and phrases that seem most difficult for you. 
  • Keep practicing and when you're done, record yourself again.
Blog about this practice method. Which strategies (if any) were useful?  Either link to uploads of your before and after recordings or email them to Jeff ( or Denis ( . To upload them, use Google Drive or

 We will be using a Flipped Classroom approach during the second half of the semester.
Background information about a Flipped Classroom approach.
Download  Ted Talk App:  Android   Apple
Watch Salmon Khan's  Let's use video to reinvent education
and if you like the  KBS Flipped Classroom Documentary.
 (optional: blog about your thoughts on this video and the Flipped Classroom approach)


If you've finished all of the above, use your YouTube or TedTalk app to find videos that you think would be appropriate for Intensive Listening or Intensive Speaking practice.