Sunday, April 12, 2015

Lebow's ENG250 Midterm Extravaganza

ENG250 Midterm
quizlet.jpgPart#1 - Quizlet Study

Each student should have a Quizlet set with at least 30 words learned this semester (in Eng250 or other courses and learning experiences).  This set should be added to the ENG250 Quizlet class. Students should complete at least three Quizlet activities (e.g. flashcards, scatter, learn, spelling). 

Part#2  -  One-on-one Hangout Conversationgoogle-hangouts_62032.png
The conversation might include
  • Telling a story (from week#6 hangout topics)
  • Discussing your blog posts
  • Quizlet Questions - I might ask you to use some of the words in a sentence or where you learned those words. I’ll be more impressed by imperfect retention of an ambitious vocabulary list than perfect learning of a small simple list.
  • SHELF project thoughts
  • Any other topic you’d like to discuss
Sign up for a time slot - go to the Midterm Sign-up post on the course website.  Use the 'Notes' space to tell us what you are most interested in discussing.great_blog_posts.jpg

Part#3 - Blog post about your SHELF Project Interests and Thoughts
(Due 24 hours before Part#2)
Create a blog post about your thoughts and interests for SHELF (Second Half English Learning Fun)  projects. This is not a final commitment, just preliminary ideas. 

SHELF (Second Half English Learning Fun) Projects

During the final eight weeks of the semester, students will work on different kinds of projects The goal is to use and/or produce audiovisual materials in a way that helps you learn English in fun, engaging ways.
Possibilities include:

 A Webcast Stream Team - produce segments for  live, public broadcasts
Podcasters  - similar to Stream Teamers, but not ‘live streamed’, video and public-posting optional.

Possible topics for webcasts and podcasts include:
‘This week in Korea’ news items, social issues, research projects, discussion topics,  book Clubs,  Movie/TV Show reviews and discussion show, sports talk, tech news, guest interviews

► Study group - selecting pieces of media which can be analyzed, discussed and from which learning materials can be created and posted. 
 Show producers - create you own ongoing dramatic soap opera, sketch comedy, reality show, or other kind of series.    Audio-only OK. Video OK.

 Other???  - If you have thoughts about other kinds projects you’d like to work on, we’re all ears!

Passivity is NOT an option!
These are not projects that you work on for several weeks and then unveil at the end of the semester.  These are projects for which you produce content each week and build over time. Some class time will be devoted to preparing and sharing these.