Monday, March 23, 2015

Week#4 - Love, Dating, & Hanging Out

We will be Hanging out several times in the next few weeks. If you're interested in participating, please let us know which times work best for you by completing the Hangout Preference Survey at:

Tech Tips
How to easily keep track of your classmates' blogs (and other cool stuff) using Feedly
Watch the video below, download the ENG250-Feeds.opml file and go to

How do assess your pronunciation using Chrome Speech Recognition Add-on
Downloads:   Chrome Browser     Speech Recognition Add-on

How to post a Ted Talk on your blog

 Linking to URL's on your blog

Love and Dating
Handouts - Speed Dating Questions, Vocabulary, Idioms, & Megalist of Questions
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Other Videos

  • (optional) Analyze your speed dating recordings - post questions, refined answers
  • (optional)  Post about the topic you discussed during the in-class Topic Brainstorm and post related media
  • (optional)  participate in a Student led Hangout (more details coming soon) Hangout Preference Survey
  • Comment on a least a couple of your classmates' blogs
  • Update your personal Quizlet with any new vocabulary from this week.  No need to create a new set - just add words to your existing one.