Sunday, March 8, 2015

Week#2 - Wall of Words + More Setup & Orientation

In-Class Activity:
A Wall of Words

Hour#3  Bring in at least 5 photos of things that are important to you. These can be people, places, experiences, possessions or anything else you value. Photos can be printed or shown on a digital device, but can not be stored on a USB drive with no display.


  Introduction to Google Translate using Minimal Pairs and Pronuncation Practice Sentences and Pronunciation Resource Site
 Try speaking the section that you wrote in the dictagloss into Google Translate.
Then try using practice sheet of minimal pairs and practice sentences.

ASSIGNMENTS  (Due March 14)
  • Complete ALL of the Week#1 assignments if you have not already done so.
    MAKE SURE TO COMPLETE the ENG250 Entrance Questionnaire if you haven't already done so.  Include your gmail address and Blog URL. 
  • Post a YouTube video to your blog that you think is interesting and provides an opportunity for language learning.  (How-to Guide Here)
  • a Short Description
  • Why you find it interesting
  • Language learning points
  • Related Resources  (optional)
  • Discussion Questions  (optional)