Saturday, February 28, 2015

Week#1 - Getting Acquainted and Getting Set up

We will spend the first week of  class getting acquainted with each other and getting oriented to the course methods tools.

In class:  Audio interviews and Acquaintance Jigsaw

     by March 8 (for those registered week#1)
Register for a Gmail account if you don't already have one.
Create a Blogger BlogBlogger Guide here and Screencast here
Register at Quizlet (You can use your Google account to sign up easily - please use a recognizable name as your ID)
 and join the ENG250 Quizlet Class    Quizlet Screencast
please join the ENG250 Course Band  
and the Band for your section of ENG250
ENG250-02    ENG250-03    ENG250-04    ENG250-05    
  Website:   Apps Android   Apple    Band Screencast
  Apps:  Android   Apple     G+ Community Screencast
Other Apps to install:
Google Hangout
Google Translate
Post a 1~5 minute INTRODUCTION VIDEO to the course BAND and the Band for your section of ENG250. (the same video is fine).  Introduce yourself to other ENG250’ers. You can take a ‘selfie video’ with your phone or get help from a friend. Be as creative as you like! (e.g. give a tour of your home, take us out with you on Friday night, sing your favorite song, etc.)

In order to help with any technical challenges during the first couple of weeks, lab times are scheduled at:
*check the Course Band for last minute changes
Next Week  
  Bring in at least 5 photos of things that are important to you. These can be people, places, experiences, possessions or anything else you value. Photos can be printed or shown on a digital device, but can not be stored on a USB drive with no display.